Commercial Concept Development

The boring version, for very busy people.

What I offer

I help clients to find and develop highly profitable business opportunities.

Why it’s great

I ensure that opportunities are a) truly aligned to strategy, and b) have a very high probability of success.

My process

This list shows the stages of the process in a conceptually linear order. The process is however iterative, meaning that stages are revisited as necessary, and may be completed out of order. It consists of the following:

  1. strategy consulting;
  2. opportunity search and screening;
  3. prototyping, testing, economic modelling and selecting the best opportunities;
  4. managing the design and development process;
  5. bid strategy and funding application/tender bid preparation; and
  6. market entry strategy and launch planning.

To learn more about the process, read the longer version here.

How I charge

I charge both consulting fees and success fees. Consulting fees are based on time worked. Success fees are based on the value of the project, and are payable as the project’s funding tranches become available. A generic fees schedule is available upon request, but every project is scoped and estimated in detail.

Your next steps

Contact me at 082 560 4473 or for a confidential discussion of your needs. A standard NDA is available if required.


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