About me


This picture is patently intended to humanise me by presenting a good-humoured, playful side of my personality, thus carefully disguising the fact that I have no playful sides; only a frontside and a backside 😉. What it won’t tell you is that I am an expert in developing business concepts. Which in fact I am.

Hi there! I’m Stephan.

Until 2016, I was a partner in a tiny management consultancy in South Africa, that specialised in ‘business development and capture’ consulting. We had one goal: hacking incredible growth for our clients, specifically from new business. We did this handily, to the tune of about $3.7 million US dollars per week (or about R44 million ZAR), on average.

In 2015 and 2016, I helped clients win new business and/or funding worth almost $385 million US dollars (or about R5 billion ZAR)1. In June 2016, the business was acquired by a black-owned consortium. These days, I wear several hats:

  1. I work as an Associate Director at Dinatla Advisory Services, where I have portfolio responsibility for marketing.
  2. I consult independently on commercial concept development, bid writing, and business capture.
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  3. I develop light-weight websites, like the one you are enjoying now.
  4. I write a regular blog.
  5. I am a husband, and father of four.

If you want to find out more, please reach out.

  1. USD amounts approximated from 2016 USD/ZAR exchange rates. Not adjusted for inflation. [return]